Lucy Cooper (your host)

Lucy Cooper (image credit: Esther Bunning)

Hi, I’m Lucy Cooper, and I’m the one that came up with the idea for Burst Mode in the first place! I recall wine, Esther Bunning and Rebecca Kempton being involved as the idea started to brew. At the White Swan in Greytown to be exact! I am a part-time, self-taught, forever-learning photographer based in Wairarapa. I am also mad-keen on audio, having started in utero listening to The Archers (yes it’s still going, and yes I still listen. Daily). I’ve since added to my listening portfolio with a disturbing amount of true crime podcasts. I also love to create my own audio features and make a regular radio show, ReCooper8, with my bestie, Katie Abbott. To fund my extra-curriculas and love of clogs (as pictured), I peddle my wares as a full-time researcher and resource management planner. I have two children, one dog and, so far, one husband.