Welcome to Burst Mode

Hello and welcome to Burst Mode, a limited series podcast featuring bite-sized interviews with photographers from Aotearoa New Zealand, and further afield, created by Lucy Cooper and supported by the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography.

Burst Mode’s format is simple: each photographer is asked the same 10 questions, and the interviews are generally around 15-20 minutes long, bringing you closer to some of Aotearoa’s most influential image-makers in the time it takes you to go for a quick stroll with the dog.

In this series, get to know: Esther Bunning, Timothy Lomax, Jase Blair, Rebecca Kempton, Nick Servian, Glen Howey, Michelle Fey, Janyne Fletcher, Tessa Williams and Ya Zhou!

Image credit: Esther Bunning

You can listen to Burst Mode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Acast!